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Gregory Burnett, Owner, Burnett Media Group LLC

Posted by hapigood on  September 2, 2017

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“Seriously… the most work for least appreciation in the thinktank world. Intelligent, current, on point analysis and education promoting free thought and shining light on corruption. These are my type of heroes.”

“Cascade Policy Institute is clarity of thought in a sea of chaos that calls itself Oregon.”

“I’ve come to understand just how fortunate you are having a premier free-market think tank like Cascade fighting for your rights and your liberty. I travel around the country and around the world. I meet with think tank leaders and analysts all the time, and I can say that no think tank is more committed, and none is more consistent in support of liberty than Cascade.”    

Lars Larson, talk show host, KXL Radio

Posted by hapigood on  November 16, 2014

Category: On-Line Review, Review

“There’s no question about it: Cascade is the premier think tank in Oregon.”

“Cascade has established itself as a major player in Oregon’s public policy debates.”